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Mining Art Gallery A true underground art scene

Containing the works of prominent artists – many of whom were local to the area, including Tom McGuinness and Norman Cornish – the intimate and awe-inspiring Mining Art Gallery gives visitors a truly unique insight into the lives and souls of coal miners. Step into another world to see depictions of life in the mines, but also the communities that grew around them.

The Mining Art Gallery  is now closed following a successful summer 2021.

Re-opening March 2022.

These incredible pieces illuminate and preserve a vital aspect of coalfield heritage for us to appreciate and study.

Culture, life, and community sprung out from mining in the North East; it’s our history, it’s our character, and it’s who we are. These inspiring works showcase the resilience and courage of those who lived and worked in the mines, and give an incredible perspective on how human creativity and spirit can shine even in the darkest places.

Created in partnership with Dr Robert McManners OBE and Gillian Wales, the gallery will take you on an exploration of the art, culture, and context of the mining industry and its place in the history of County Durham.

Mining Art Gallery
Mining Art Gallery artefacts
Visitor at Mining Art Gallery

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