About us What is the Auckland Project?

For many centuries, Bishop Auckland was a thriving market town but since the demise of the mining industry, like many British towns, it has been affected by an economic and social decline.

Our mission

The Auckland Project is a regeneration charity working to establish Bishop Auckland as a heritage visitor destination. We provide days out that feed the minds, bodies and spirits of both our visitors and local communities. Through historic attractions, galleries, nature, food, events and stays, The Auckland Project brings the rich and surprising story of Bishop Auckland to life for tourists. And in turn, the profits and opportunities created by our historic attractions and community engagement work, will help us create a bright future for Bishop Auckland.

Our vision

The Auckland Project aspires to change lives in Bishop Auckland by putting people at the heart of everything we do. Working hand in hand with the local community, we will ensure that future generations inherit a prosperous town, filled with hope and rich in opportunities. Meanwhile, our visitors will enjoy days and stays that enrich their minds, bodies and spirits, in the knowledge that their visit continues to revitalise this once forgotten town.

Our work is supported by four pillars:

  • Helping individuals by creating a sense of aspiration as well as providing opportunities for skills development and employment.
  • Helping the community to become resilient and economically sound by creating opportunities for partnerships, building a year-round tourist market and supporting small creative industries to thrive.
  • To protect, sustain and enhance our natural environment.
  • To restore and enhance the beauty and historic significance of the built environment.


Dear Friends – nobody likes to drift apart and we're sorry we’ve been a little out of touch recently. Please rest assured that we are honouring all current Friends’ memberships at present.

Please check back here to find out about becoming a member and how you can play a vital role in helping to transform the future of our special town.

A day out in Bishop Auckland