Wooded Landscape with a Milkmaid, Rustic Lovers, and a Herdsman


Launching on Saturday, 1 June the Bishop Trevor Gallery will offer a programme of special temporary exhibitions displaying fine art on loan from national institutions and private collections.

Part of The Auckland Project, the gallery space sits within a suite of apartments in Auckland Castle which were first built for Bishop Trevor in the 18th century and have never been open to the public before.

The first temporary exhibition in the Bishop Trevor Gallery will explore the rich history and beauty of British landscape painting.

The Origins of British Landscape will run from Saturday, 1 June to Sunday, 8 September 2019 and features paintings by some of the most influential artists of the 18th century, such as Thomas Gainsborough, George Stubbs and Claude Lorrain.

The exhibition will take visitors through the origins of British landscape painting in the mid-1700s to its development into one of the most enduring and significant genres of British art.

Visitors coming to Bishop Trevor Gallery will also be able to take a sneak peek inside Auckland Castle, which is currently closed to the public while a multi-million pound programme of conservation is taking place.

The Castle is due to re-open later in 2019, for regular updates follow The Auckland Project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tickets to the Bishop Trevor Gallery are available from 1 June, for more information click here.


Image: Thomas Gainsborough RA, Wooded Landscape with a Milkmaid,
Rustic Lovers, and a Herdsman, c.1775-1777, oil on canvas. On loan from
Jonathan Ruffer © Private Collection. Courtesy of The Auckland Project.

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