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A trio of local art graduates from Cleveland College of Art and Design have developed their creative businesses and skills with thanks to hubs such as as No.42 and Pod

During her studies at Cleveland College of Art and Design, (CCAD) Sharron Bates, 46, began selling her prints and cards at No.42’s dedicated shop space for fledgling creative businesses.

She has since displayed her work in exhibitions at the site’s gallery space and has gone on to establish a separate Creative Forum at Greenfield Arts, in her hometown of Newton Aycliffe.

After graduating from CCAD, Annie Walker, who specialises in embroidery and embellishment, also began selling her gifts and exterior products at No.42.

The 22-year-old from Darlington, who established her textile business, Mac and Morris in the final year of her studies, said: “It’s been brilliant, helping me get my work noticed by a different customer base. I think the North East really benefits from places like this.”

Fellow CCAD graduate and surface pattern designer, Alexandra Batty is working for Self Made Studios, a social enterprise based in Pod, a series of special incubator studios located on the floor above No.42.

No.42 and Pod are run by The Auckland Project,Kate Gorman, Pod Manager, who is also a CCAD graduate, said: “Our aim is to provide specific tailored support for artists and designers as they launch their creative business and help forge a collaborative creative community where artists can flourish together.”

For more information about using the retail or gallery space at No.42, contact [email protected]. org and for more information about Pod contact [email protected]

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