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Wilderness Garden

A place to explore and get lost in the beauty of nature

Behind the back of the Castle is a series of gardens which are currently being developed, the furthest away of which is the Wilderness Garden. This will be next to the West Mural Tower Garden, tucked away behind the Castle complex. There, in the stillness of the day, you'll be able to walk along winding paths through woodland groves. From the Wilderness Garden, a view of the Deer Park, the river Wear and the countryside beyond can be seen over a haha. The haha is a sunken wall – it was designed to keep livestock out, but still enable people to see the views beyond. At the moment the haha is in urgent need of repair, so the Wilderness Garden won't be developed until the wall is safe and sound.

Another feature of the walking route to the Wilderness Garden will be the boiler and flues that were used to heat the walls of the Great Garden. The picture on the right shows two of these boilers, which were discovered in 2020.

The Auckland Project. Photo: © John Millard 2021.

The Wilderness Garden, set behind the Castle will be a place to explore, discover and enjoy nature

Snowdrops By A Tree

The Wilderness Garden is due to be completed by the end of 2021