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Walled Garden

Auckland Castle is steeped in culinary pedigree and horticultural tradition. In years gone by, it championed innovative ways to approach growing, cooking and feasting, and we’re committed to carrying that with us in modern times.

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Bishop Cosin created the original Walled Garden in the 17th century, the first of its kind in the North East, and used pioneering techniques such as heated walls and glass hothouses to grow produce from around the world for the bishops’ guests.

We’re following in his footsteps and, following a comprehensive regeneration project, are starting to reopen the Walled Garden in all its splendour. Delicious, seasonal ingredients are grown right on our doorstep and supply our cafés and restaurants for unbeatably fresh, homemade meals.

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The Walled Garden

While the Upper Walled Garden is still a couple of years off completion (you can’t rush these things), the Lower Walled Garden and Orchard will open in July this year.

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Visitors will be able to follow the route travelled by the bishops and their guests, taking the 18th century stairs to the Walled Garden, guided by a member of our team, for a stroll around this beautiful garden. Hear more about it's history, and it's future, in our Walled Garden tour.

We are proud to work with local contractors, engineers, horticulturalists, and conservators to reclaim this wonderful part of Bishop Auckland’s history and preserve it for future generations to see, smell, and taste.

Over the next two years, we're working with a team of landscape designers, gardeners and architects to make sure the top section of the Walled Garden complements the other spaces around the Castle.